Oaklawn leader receives state award

To say Shin Yee Tan was surprised to win the Jessica McCarthy Award for Excellence in Wraparound last week at the 2018 Indiana System of Care (SOC) Conference, would be an understatement. “I didn’t even know I was nominated! I sat down at the table and was looking through the program and then, I saw my name,” she said. At the time, Shin Yee didn’t think much of it, because if you don’t know you’re nominated, then you probably won’t win. But, when Bonnie Raine, Coordinator of The Source, Elkhart County’s System of Care, and the coordinator of the Indiana SOC conference, used the word “colleague” in her announcement of the recipient, it became obvious that Shin Yee won.

“It was so unexpected, but a nice surprise to be recognized by my colleagues,” said Shin Yee after she had been able to process the event.


Shin Yee with Jessica McCarthy's Family

Jessica McCarthy was the Benton County, Indiana, System of Care Coordinator who was tragically killed in an automobile accident in 2009. The same year, the Choices TA Center established the Jessica McCarthy Award for Excellence in Wraparound in her memory. The award recognized the outstanding efforts in applying wraparound values and system of care principles to children and their families.

Becky Zakowski, St. Joseph County’s System of Care Manager nominated Shin Yee for the award. Becky wrote, “Shin Yee is a natural leader who simultaneously demonstrates and informs others about the role of voice and choice, and what it means to be strength-based. She takes fidelity to the program very seriously.”

Shin Yee with her Wraparound Teammates

-Congratulations, Shin Yee. We are lucky to have you on the Oaklawn team!


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