Treatment Program for Sexually Maladaptive Youth



Oaklawn’s program for sexually maladaptive youth provides comprehensive residential treatment for youth with a history of sexual offenses or sexual addiction, as well as severe psychiatric emotional and/or behavioral issues.

The treatment program for sexually maladaptive youth addresses the needs of adolescents through structure; supervision; individual, group and family therapy; case management; recreation therapy; milieu therapy; and medication management. Sex offense specific therapy focuses on relapse prevention. This includes, but is not limited to, addressing thinking errors, protection plans, empathy, cycle of abuse, and deviant urges. Therapy also addresses addictive behaviors, social skills development, anger management, substance abuse, criminal thinking, and community reintegration. An assessment and evaluation process helps determine the treatment goals for each adolescent. Average length of stay is between six and nine months.

Education services are provided by Goshen Community Schools. School teachers are involved in weekly treatment planning as well as discharge planning for each youth.

Admission criteria

Criteria for admission to the treatment program for sexually maladaptive youth includes: 

  •   history of sexual offending or sexual addiction
  •   age 13-18 years                 
  •   exhibiting unmanageable behaviors, including violence or other sexual behavior problems
  •   danger to self or others if in a less structured setting
  •   IQ of at least 70
  •   needing more active involvement with family
  •   family willing to participate in program 

In addition, many adolescents in this program also fall into the following categories:

  •   victims of physical or sexual abuse or neglect
  •   multiple failed placements
  •   unsuccessful in traditional school settings 

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