Child & Adolescent Intensive Residential Services: The Children's Campus



Oaklawn's residential programs for youth are located at Oaklawn, The Children's Campus, 1411 Lincoln Way West, Mishawaka, and serve severely emotionally disturbed children and adolescents and their families who require compassionate and specialized care.

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Oaklawn,The Children's Campus offers residential environments ranging from secure care to group home living for youth ages 12 - 18. All programs feature activities designed to mainstream youth back into the community. Following are the goals of residential treatment:

  • A family-centered emphasis, as we believe this provides the best opportunity for healing and successful reunification.
  • A goal to provide the shortest length of stay possible, with an average six to nine months stay.
  • 24-hour awake staff and a staff to resident ratio based on the intensity of the program (1:3. 1:4, 1:5).
  • A highly-structured daily and weekend schedule which includes time for daily chores and laundry, homework, community and daily living activities, structured recreation, social skills training, group therapy and education.
  • Daily intensive group therapy sessions covering topics such as grief and loss, anger management, relationships, team building, and social skills.
  • A Sunday worship service for those who wish to participate.
  • Expansive outdoor and indoor recreational facilities.
  • Dorm-like bedrooms with private baths, common areas, laundry facilities and a dining/snack area.
  • A school program, where youth can continue their academic work while in residential treatment.

The residential programs at Oaklawn, The Children's Campus include:

Female Programs

Gemini (8 beds)- locked secure- Gemini utilizes DBT, combination of psychotherapy and psychosocial skills training. Residents may have borderline personality traits, impulsive behavior and/or substance abuse problems.

Riverview (12 beds) - locked secure- Residents have a history of socially unacceptable behaviors and are frequently at odds with authority figures. They tend to be impulsive, volatile, and lacking internal controls

Elms (8 beds) - staff secure - unlocked unit - Residents have a history of high-risk behaviors such as self-harm and acting out. Clouded judgement and limited internal controls have resulted in poor decisions and a life that is out of control.

Male Programs

Maples- (8 Beds)- staff secure- For older adolescent males who have engaged in sexually maladaptive behaviors and are at a high risk of offending.

Pines & Irish- (20 beds)- private secure- For males needing sexually maladaptive treatment in a contained environment. These residents tend to be impulsive, emotionally volatile, sometimes aggressive and lacking internal controls.

Arbor Group Home- (10 beds) - Residents may be working to reintegrate with families or needing independent living. Designed for males who have completed an intensive sexually maladaptive treatment program. Arbor provides a nurturing environment that stresses empathy, relapse prevention and personal responsibility.

Willows - (8 beds) - staff secure- Residents have a history of high-risk behaviors, poor impulse control and impaired judgement.

Creekside- (8 beds) - staff secure- Residents have I.Q.’s between 50 and 70. Special programming for those with cognitive challenges coupled with emotional and behavioral issues.

T.R.A.C- (Treating Reactive Aggressive Children)- (12 beds)- staff secure - Residents have poor impulse control, intense rage, poor boundaries, inappropriate sexual conduct and destroy property. T.R.A.C provides a safe environment where behavior is shaped through practice, feedback and reinforcement.

Substance abuse treatment

Oaklawn’s residential programs offer a special track of clinical care that addresses the unique challenges faced by adolescents who are dually diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder as well as substance abuse. In addition to clinical services, these dually diagnosed youth receive individual and family sessions with a licensed addictions counselor and intensive addictions group therapy.


Comprehensive school program

A comprehensive school program administered by School City of Mishawaka is a key component for residential children and teens, all of whom have unique educational needs. The on-site program features a fully equipped classrooms and teachers certified in special education. An integral part of the treatment team, teachers are actively involved in admission, treatment and discharge planning. Students have the opportunity to meet graduation requirements or receive help in obtaining their GED.


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