Transitional Group Home



The Transitional Group Home (TGH) is a program for up to 15 seriously mentally ill adults. Located in Goshen, Indiana, the group home has community/activities areas, a dining area, kitchen, staff offices, meeting rooms, and a secure individual bedroom and bathroom for each resident. Residents can stay at TGH for as long as clinically necessary, although the average length of stay for successful completion of the program is six months.

Treatment Goals

Treatment consists of individual and group activities of daily living skills training, medication education, case management, and an individualized treatment plan. Residents are expected to participate in all structured activities at TGH. Connecting with other community services is an integral part of the TGH program.

The primary goals of TGH are:

  • to enable seriously mentally ill adults to function in the community;
  • to minimize psychiatric hospitalizations;
  • to convey a sense of value and dignity by preparing and encouraging each individual to become a contributing, independent part of the community.

Family involvement

Staff contact with families is contingent on approval by the resident. Family members are encouraged to visit during non-group time and to be part of the resident's treatment and success in the TGH program.

Criteria for admission

TGH is appropriate for adults who have a serious and persistent mental illness and who:

  • are at least 18 years of age or older;
  • are an active Oaklawn client;
  • are not dangerous to themselves or others;
  • have a minimum full-scale IQ of 75 or above (IQ results between 70-75 are evaluated on an individual basis).

Applicants must demonstrate a need and motivation for the program, as well as the ability to benefit from a structured therapeutic environment.

Criteria for graduation

Clients are ready to leave TGH when they have:

  • applied for and received all eligible benefits and available community resources;
  • completed individual living skills training;
  • shown compliance with their treatment plan;
  • demonstrated the ability to live independently or semi-independently;
  • secured subsequent housing.

Financial information

If residents are employed or receive Social Security income, they pay up to 30% of their income for rent, which includes utilities. Program costs are supplemented through the Department of Mental Health and Addictions.


To make a referral to TGH, contact the Adult Residential Program Coordinator at (574) 533-1234, ext. 343.


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