Services for Seniors



Oaklawn offers a continuum of care to seniors, including individual therapy, case management, and inpatient care. Other services for seniors include evaluation and consultation services and a senior assessment clinic to help determine what services will be most beneficial.

Oaklawn’s Senior Services are designed for people 60 years or older who are experiencing depression, anxiety, grief, isolation, or other concerns which impair daily functioning.

Based on the philosophy that seniors are able to recover from debilitating episodes of emotional or mental distress by developing new coping strategies, these programs help seniors learn effective ways of dealing with the issues of later life.

An initial assessment helps determine which level of therapeutic intervention is most appropriate for a person’s needs. The treatment team then develops individualized patient plans.

Senior Inpatient Services

When older adults have acute psychiatric issues, Oaklawn’s senior inpatient program offers intense 24-hour crisis stabilization. An array of therapeutic and medical interventions are used to get patients through their acute crisis and into a less restrictive treatment environment. Seniors in this program participate in group therapy, recreation therapy, individual therapy (when indicated), and a therapeutic milieu.

Senior Assessment Clinic

Sometimes immediate appointments are needed to determine what services are most appropriate for seniors.

Oaklawn’s Senior Assessment Clinic is designed primarily for physician referrals and offers weekly clinic time where a board certified geriatric psychiatrist and/or a clinical social worker can see seniors to assess and evaluate issues and facilitate early intervention.

The Clinic is designed for seniors who have not previously been seen in the Oaklawn system. Any assessments or psychiatric evaluations will be sent to the primary care physician. Referrals will be made for follow-up services if needed.

Senior Outreach Services

Oaklawn’s continuum of services for seniors includes follow-up for those who receive inpatient services. Seniors are seen on an outpatient basis at any of Oaklawn’s locations and therapy is available in a limited number of nursing facilities.

Oaklawn physicians and nurse practitioners also provide services to seniors in area nursing and assisted living facilities, including medication management, evaluation and consultation.

Program features

All Oaklawn programs for seniors include:

multi-disciplinary treatment approach including psychiatric evaluation
transportation negotiated when needed
follow-up and aftercare services
referral services when seniors are determined to be best served by another program.


Fees for Senior Services are covered by Medicare and many supplemental policies.

Who should participate

Typical candidates for Senior Services will be older adults who suffer from depression, anxiety, grief, confusion, isolation or behavior problems such as agitation, irritability, severe sleep disturbance or decreased judgment which jeopardizes safety. They may also have become non-compliant with medical treatment or become socially and physically withdrawn. Seniors appropriate for admission include those:

  • 60 years of age or older
  • with primary psychiatric diagnosis who are in need of crisis stabilization and/or treatment of a partially stabilized mental health disorder with no acute medical problems (although patients may have several chronic diseases)

For more information

For more information about or referral to any of Oaklawn's Senior Services, call the Access Center at (574) 533- 1234, ext. 700. Requests for consultation at nursing or assisted living facilities may call direct to (574) 537-2633.

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